TSU – Towards a Sunkissed Utopia

AEGEE-Valletta and AEGEE-Agrigento

Sun, Sea, Beaches, Food, Parties and Fun. These were the themes of our Travelling Summer University which was held from 23rd July to the 6th August 2014. 35 lucky participants from all around Europe packed their bags and headed towards the first destination of the TSU; Agrigento. Welcomed by the Maltese and Sicilian organizers, the event kicked off with an opening ceremony and icebreaking games for the participants to get to know each other. The holiday, as promised, was characterized by lots of beach visits, workshops where we showed them typical Sicilian food, where the participants created their own Tiramisu. The participants really loved the sun and sea, and also enjoyed our trip to the Temple Valley, where we actually walked through Roman remains which are a key part of Italian and Sicilian history. The city centre was also explored with a twist. Instead of a boring tour, we left the participants to discover the centre on their own, by doing a Treasure Hunt! Everyone had the chance to visit every corner of the centre, while taking photos and further contributing to team spirit! The Sicilian organisers were also very proud to host parties in some of the most established clubs in Agrigento, most of the parties being held on beaches, Mediterranean style! The highlight of the trip was the trip to Taormina, where the participants could indulge in the beautiful scenery and take a dip in the crystal clear waters.

The Maltese part of the TSU was kicked off with a big breakfast so everyone could be full of energy to kick off their day. The participants had a perfect mix of sun, sea, history, fun and parties, making sure that everyone got the most out of Malta! The group visited the historical temples of Hagar Qim, visited key cities such as Mdina and Valletta, also having a treasure hunt in the process! The participants absolutely loved the sister island of Gozo with its beautiful green areas and unique beaches. Parties were held in the very famous clubbing centre of Malta; Paceville while one of them was a beach/toga party! We also surprised our participants by spicing up the Comino trip and including a private boat party on the way! This was definitely the highlight of the TSU, and everybody had a wonderful time. The participants had time to dance, work on their tans, enjoy Comino and the Blue Lagoon all at the same time!

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