Raising the Bar: Euromed A Way Forward

Many persons when talking about North Africa, Middle East and Europe tend to focus on the differences there exist in these countries when in actual fact many things are common between us. We share the same history and also the same concerns. Yet, the focus still tends to shift to what divides us rather than what unites us. It is also true that many times the things that are different from one country to another are the things that enrich us and make us appreciate more the Mediterranean region with its diverse cultures and traditions. The key is therefore to find common grounds while appreciating the differences and focus on dialogue. It is for this reason that AEGEE-Valletta decided to come up with a project that indeed focuses on inter-cultural dialogue and inclusion with the name of ‘Raising the Bar: Euromed A Way Forward’.


This Training Course, funded under Action 3 of the Youth in Action Programme, offered an opportunity to the partners involved to reflect on issues which are common to all countries coming from the EU/Mediterranean region. The training course thus focused mainly on three issues:

1.      Inter-cultural dialogue enhanced through intercultural communication

2.      Inclusion and young people in EU/Mediterranean region within a European context

3.      Project Management and active participation of young people in an innovative and creative way.

This training resulted in opportunities for the youth leaders invited to actively participate; thus stimulating initiative, innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, the event generated an environment to support partner’s capacity building in the region on topics of inclusion and intercultural communication. It was run over 5 days and saw 30 participants coming from 10 different countries from all over the Mediterranean, namely: Malta, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Palestine, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco.


Euromed a Way Forward

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