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What we have done in these last months 


Annual Christmas Dinner

On the 12th of December, AEGEE-Valletta organised its annual Christmas dinner as usual. This was a very successful event, where we are proud to say that many new members turned up, and integrated with the rest! Everyone had a very good time while enjoying a lovely dinner. The night ended in style, with the rest of the group attending a Christmas party for charity organised by KSU.



Monthly Event

Sunday 14th December was the date chosen for the first monthly meeting of this year. This was held at the Centru Parrokkjali San Gwann, where everyone had an enjoyable evening. A relaxed atmosphere accompanied by food, drinks and games gave everyone chance to integrate with each other. Again, we were very proud to have new members come to this meeting, as was the purpose of it. The event started with a short introduction, and then we proceeded to an incredibly fun Music & Movie quiz (hosted and made by Roberto Caruana Gauci), which created a buzzing atmosphere full of laughs and smiles. We also participated in AEGEE-Prague’s event – Europe Sings Christmas Bells. AEGEE-Prague asked all AEGEE antennae to produce a short video of the locals singing Jingle Bells in their own language. Sure enough, we took up the initiative and made a video of our own, singing all together! The video can be seen on the AEGEE-Valletta Facebook page.

AEGEE 17th Birthday Party




As you all know AEGEE Valletta celebrated its 17th birthday on the 7th of November! We are pleased to say that it was a successful event, despite the horrible weather that day! It was a night full of cheers, laughs and good spirit, and gave the opportunity to members to catch up, and also gave the opportunity to new members to get to know the AEGEE-Valletta board and members! During this event, the AEGEE-Valletta board presented President Emeritus Chris Frendo with a token of appreciation, thanking him for his three years spent as President.




AEGEE-Catania Erasmus Weekend


Following last April’s successful Erasmus trip to Malta, AEGEE-Catania decided to organise another trip to Malta in collaboration with AEGEE-Valletta from 15th to 17th of November. During the event, we also gave the opportunity for University of Malta Erasmus students to meet the 40 AEGEE Catania Erasmus students, giving them the opportunity to improve their social ties and share their Maltese Erasmus experience with other Erasmus students from Catania. This event also gave the opportunity to AEGEE-Valletta members to interact with AEGEE-Catania members, strengthening the ties between the two antennae.


Erasmus Gozo Weekend


From 14th to 16th November, AEGEE-Valletta organised their usual Erasmus Gozo trip. Consisting of about 25 people, both Maltese and foreign, the group had a very enjoyable weekend, with amazing weather. The weekend had a perfect balance of parties, sightseeing and relaxation, making it a perfect weekend getaway for everyone (something only Gozo can offer!). Feedback was all incredibly positive, many stating that they cannot wait for our next event!






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