Working Groups

AEGEE Academy 

Sustaining AEGEE’s human resources and enabling its members to turn their ideas and visions into reality has been the long-term vision of AEGEE-Academy since its foundation in 1999. The main aim of Academy is to develop and strengthen the human resources of AEGEE and to stimulate the motivation of its members. It strives to combine the competences of AEGEE members with the potential AEGEE offers them towards the achievement of the organisations’ aims. The Academy supports the personal development of AEGEE members by providing a diversity of training courses and co-ordinating a mentorship system. It maintains an overview of the personage and tasks in the organisation and empowers its members to find their place in the organisation

Environmental Working Group 

Environmental WG, the youngest WG, is one of the most active ones. It is a forum to discuss, work and learn about everything related to our environment: energy, cities and urban development, recycling, climate change, biodiversity, sustainable development, efficiency, water etc. It is open to people with knowledge and people with curiosity. 

Education Working Group 

EWG is the meeting point for students who are interested in European integration in the field of Higher Education. EWG develops actions connected with topics as Bologna process, non-formal education and students’ mobility programmes. We fight to include the students’ voice in the European Higher Education decision process

Dance Working Group 

You love AEGEE!? You love dancing!? Let’s combine them! Dance WG is inviting you to join the most dynamic WG of AEGEE! Learn & Teach different dance styles, organize pre-events & post-events for Agoras and EBMs, perform on stages during Openning Ceremonies of Agoras. Cooperate with Dance WG and we’ll color your SUs with hiphop, salsa, latin dance workshop. “Dance is passion… like AEGEE”

International Politics Working Group 

IPWG is… a group of AEGEE members that are interested in international affairs; provides a forum, where students have an opportunity to exchange ideas with other students from all over Europe on the above-mentioned topics; organizes debates, conferences, training courses and seminars in order to inform the network about political topics and empower members to carry out successful AEGEE activities by providing them with the necessary tools and know-how.

Culture Working Group 

Lord Raglan said–”Culture is roughly anything we do and monkeys don’t.” Do you agree? No matter how you see it, you’re in the right place! For 15 years CWG has gone deeper where others just scratch the surface. Arts, traditions, multiculturalism. Now, we dare you to seek culture in ALL SUs! No matter you are, experience the culture! Share your traditions, your roots and more! CWG –Highlight Europe in your way!

Public Relations Committee

The PR Committee of AEGEE is a supporting working group for AEGEE-Europe and the local organisations in matters of Public Relations.

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