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 Since moving to Malta in September, the team of AEGEE-Valletta have always been very welcome, friendly and approachable. The team are very caring about their international students and want us to make the most out of our time here, which shows through the hard work and huge amounts of time they put into all of their events. Every Thursday AEGEE-Valletta hosts a party in Paceville where they provide us with free transport, free shooters and discounts on drinks. The parties have allowed all of the international students to get to know each other better; especially for those who live in different residences and study different subjects. Last November I participated in AEGEE-Valletta’s Gozo Weekend where all of the participants had the greatest weekend imaginable. We were able to get to know some of the team better, make some new friends and discover the whole island of Gozo in an action-packed agenda. The weekend will always be a great memory for me to take away from Malta when I leave, and I hope to participate in another weekend should one be organised. The team has also organised a boat party which left from Sliema, toured along the coast of Malta before arriving at the blue lagoon in Comino, another sister island of Malta. Despite the sea being very rough all day all of the 100+ participants really enjoyed themselves. AEGEE also hosted an open-bar party in a castle for New Year’s Eve, which was by far the best New Year’s Eve party I have been too. The team used the best branded spirits and drinks, and for the countdown to 2012 we had champagne, cannons of confetti and indoor fireworks; it was a brilliant experience! I think that many of us international students would be lost if AEGEE-Valletta didn’t exist; they have always been there to answer any questions about living in Malta and they always insist that we enjoy ourselves. I am really looking forward to my second semester in Malta with AEGEE-Valletta and attending even more events.’  





‘Since the very start of my staying Malta, AEGEE has given me opportunities to socialize with so many other students from all over the world. Before coming to Malta I had never been to clubs or parties like that since clubbing in Japan is not so common, however, through their weekly events, Thursday nights’ parties in Paceville organized by AEGEE, I enjoy fabulous nights dancing with friends. They always organize and invite us so many events, such as Thursday night’s parties and a day trip to Comino island, to get all the international students together. Thanks to AEGEE, I have made so many friends not only with people from University Residence where I stay but also from the different residence where the other international students stay. Without AEGEE, I couldn’t have enjoyed my 1st semester in Malta as I did! I am looking forward to the upcoming events for the second semester as well.’





‘I’ve been living in the University Residence for all the whole 1st semester and I’ve known AEGEE-Valetta since the very beginning of my Erasmus Experience. Thanks to the various activities organized by them, I’ve been able to know a bit more about the Maltese Culture and places. Most of their activities are a must go, as well as a great opportunities for knowing Erasmus students that don’t live in the University Residence. The members of AEGEE-Valetta are not only fabulous party-goers, but also nice people wishing to help you out.’  







‘My choice to come to Malta for my Erasmus was t he best in 2011! I strongly believe that this made a huge influence in my life. I don’t know the exact word to describe my experience, but it would be something like AWESOME! And when I am talking about my stay here, I can’t separate it from AEGEE, because this organization played important role everywhere: in my free time, parties, studies, friendships… if I need something, I know that I can ask for this to AEGEE people. It’s good to know that always there are some people standing by you. And one more thing to add, you can’t miss any parties organized by AEGEE! They are the best 

Thank you AEGEE for making my stay here as a dream! ‘






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