What is V for Valletta and when will it be held ?

V for Valletta is AEGEE-Valletta’s Winter Event 11/12. Hosted in Malta between 28th December 2011 and 4th January 2012, it will also kick start the antenna’s 15th anniversary celebrations.


Where will participants be hosted ?


Participants will be residing in Palazzo Abela which was one of the first to be built amongst many others during the 16th century by noblemen and grandmasters in the picturesque village of culture of Tarxien.


How much is the participation fee and what will it include ?


The participation fee is of only €140 + €20 (optional fee for a full day to Malta’s sister island of Gozo). Besides the eventful program, the fee includes accommodation during the event, excursions (with transport), the social programme an exclusive open bar NYE party and 2 meals per day i.e. Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner. Fees are all paid in advance and non-refundable.


All rooms which take up to 4 participants include toilet facilities and a shower en-suite. Therefore no sleeping bag is required.


Will there be transport from airport to accommodation and back?


AEGEE-Valletta crew will be greeting you at the airport and all participants will be accompanied to the accommodation and back. In case you would need to make other arrangements you can either take a bus or book a taxi from the airport. For more information kindly visit www.arriva.com.mt or www.maltatransfer.com


Can I arrive before or leave after the event ?


Yes AEGEE-Valletta will be offering extra nights at the accommodation place both prior and after the event at the price of €20 per night bb only. To secure your reservation kindly contact us on incoming@we11.aegee-valletta.org. Fee is also payable in advance.


How can I apply for the event and when is the deadline ?


You can either send us an email on incoming@we11.aegee-valletta.org with the following details


Name and Surname:

Date of Birth:

Antenna & Nationality:

Passport No:


Mobile number:


Visa required or not:

Vegetarian/Special Dietary Requirements:

Previous AEGEE events attended    

Board Member or not

Motivation Letter:


Or else log on AEGEE-Europe website by clicking here



Deadline is 27th November but a first deadline will be applied on the 18th November giving you the opportunity to be chosen and book your flights earlier.


I think I need a Visa or Invitation Letter to enter Malta, what do I do? 

Find out everything about applying for your Visa here. If you need an invitation letter or any other documentation, just contact us on  incoming@we11.aegee-valletta.org.


What if I am a vegetarian or have special dietary needs?

Please send us an email on incoming@we11.aegee-valletta.org as soon as possible informing us of your special dietary needs. 


Which kind of clothes should I bring ?

We recommend you bring a mixture of warm and light clothes because during the day weather may vary a lot. However evenings are sometimes cold. The average daytime temperature during this period is 18˚C degrees while at night it goes down to 12˚C. 


So bring also a rain jacket/umbrella in case some bad weather visits us during the event! For special occasions/ parties a separate email will be sent to all participants prior to the event.


What is Malta’s official currency?


As at 1st January 2008, Malta’s adopted the Euro as its official currency. If you would like to know the exchange rate with you currency kindly click here


When I’m in Malta I will need to charge my mobile phone and camera. Does my plug match?


The electricity supply in Malta is 240V. The plug, with three flat contacts, like in the UK, is different from the Central European one, so do not forget to bring an adapter with you. These can be also obtained at the airport.


Can I know more about Malta?


If you want to know more about Malta kindly visit the websites below:


President of Malta – http://president.gov.mt/

Maltese Government – http://www.gov.mt/

Government’s Department of Information – http://www.doi.gov.mt/

Central Bank of Malta – http://www.centralbankmalta.org

National Statistics Office – http://www.nso.gov.mt/

Malta Tourism Authority – http://www.visitmalta.com/

Heritage Malta – http://www.heritagemalta.com/

Maltese Islands’ Map – http://www.maltavista.net/

Maltese Search Engine – http://www.searchmalta.com/

Malta International Airport – http://www.maltairport.com/

Maltese Weather – http://www.maltaweather.com/

Times of Malta – http://www.timesofmalta.com/


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