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If you wish to form part of this international network of people, events, conferences and fun then feel free to become an AEGEE member by contacting our Human Resources Responsible on


Becoming a member – HOW? 


Please keep in mind that you cannot apply to the International events without being a Member. 


Membership is only €7 a year and you will be allowed to apply to as many events as you wish! We encourage you to become members because this is the only way we can get in touch with you and send you constant updates regarding upcoming events (both international and local ones!) 


The €7 fee is not there for us to make a profit. We are a voluntary organisation and promoting such events, posters etc all cost money and the fees are only there to cover the costs! 🙂 


Finally you may also wish to receive updates regarding upcoming events on our Facebook page:


Would you like to be active locally?


You may not only wish to attend these international events but may want to form part of the team that organises the same thing locally!


The following are some of the local events that you could help out in!

  • Working hand in hand with the Erasmus community here in Malta. We want then international students to feel like they are living in a home away from home and you may help us organise some local events for them! 
  • International events taking place in Malta such as the infamous Winter and Summer Universities! Here we invite 30 students to come and spend a week on the Island and we put together an entire program – jam packed with fun! 
  • Don’t just organise the events! Experience them with us and get to know people from different nationalities and all walks of life! 😀 
  • Help the local activities responsible in coming up with a number of events open for the local members. You shouldnt have to travel simply to enjoy the fun side of AEGEE! We make a big effort in bringing all this to you locally too! 

Ultimately, working with AEGEE is not just about doing something FUN but it is also about LEARNING


With each event that we organise the individual may learn skills behind: 

  • Marketing, 
  • Public Relations, 
  • Human Resources, 
  • Project Management, 
  • basic Accounting 
  • more importantly Leadership Skills!


Join us and you will see for yourself!

We will be more than happy to meet up with you and discuss these opportunities face to face! 😀 




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