V for Valletta


“There are no coincidences – only the illusion of coincidences” – V

 V & Valletta know that YOU will be joining us by choice and not by coincidence!!


Welcome to V for Valletta!!

The Malta Experience returns once again to open AEGEE-Valletta’s 15th Anniversary as the clock strikes midnight and makes way for 2012.


So, if you are fearless of endless parties, wild fun, and witless laughter…

If you can keep thousands of years of culture and 15 years of AEGEE spirit alive…

If you are bold enough to witness the beginning of our existence…

then THIS is the place for you!!


Journey back to the past of your ancestors!!


Do not miss this opportunity to visualize the magnificent capital city of Valletta and its scenes of days gone by.


Visit the various historical buildings and streets dating back to the Knights of St. John.


Get carried through the passage of time and stroll the ancient Roman cart ruts which lead to the Medieval ‘Silent City’ of Mdina.


Admire rich treasures and heritage in the Three Cities.

An Optional Event will be a whole day trip to Malta’s sister island – GOZO – famous for its beauty and known as the island of Calypso, dating back to the times of the Greek mythology. There you can rest on the red sands of Ramla, chill out with local CISK beer having its distinguished Maltese taste; indulge in our local cheese and Maltese snacks while mesmerized by the sunset.


But, make sure you have enough energy to party, party, and party in Paceville, the heart and soul of Maltese nightlife. Themed parties, pub crawls & the European Night will also be part of all that awaits you.


Then, start off the New Year with a night of top notch revelry, where our acclaimed DJ will be spinning some sizzling sets in an exclusive OPEN-BAR New Years’ Eve party. Free flowing drinks and finger food will be provided as we’re all set to start the 15th Year Anniversary of our antenna.


For the vogue and refined, this celebration will immerse you in a glamorous theme, with outstanding decor, music, drinks, professional photographers and wild fun.


So, isn’t it time to grab this opportunity?! Hurry up, applications will be on first come, first-served basis.


Deadline is 4th December but a first deadline will be applied on the 18th November giving you the opportunity to be chosen and book your flights earlier.




Name and Surname:

Date of Birth:

Antenna & Nationality:

Passport No:


Mobile number:


Visa required or not:

Vegetarian/Special Dietary Requirements:

Previous AEGEE events attended    

Board Member or not

Motivation Letter:


Send it to incoming@we11.aegee-valletta.org and feel free to contact us for more information. Information can also be found on the AEGEE-Europe website by clicking here.


Dates: 28 December 2011 – 04 January 2012

Payment:  €140 + 20 (optional fee) in advance

Inclusive of 2 meals: Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner


Accommodation: Participants will be residing in Palazzo Abela which was one of the first to be built amongst many others during the 16th century by noblemen and grandmasters in the picturesque village of culture of Tarxien. For more information on the Lodging click here




If you are interested and what to know more kindly join our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/249198621796689/



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