AEGEE-Europe … actively present in 260 Academic cities


AEGEE, which stands for Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe (European Student Forum), is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. It is represented by 17,000 students, active in 260 academic cities, in 40 countries all around Europe, which presents amazing culture variety. AEGEE is a secular, non-profit organization, not linked to any political party. All projects and activities are based on voluntary work of its members.

Aims of the Association:

  • To promote a unified Europe without prejudices
  • To strive for creating an open and tolerant society of today and tomorrow
  • To foster democracy, human rights, tolerance, cross-border co-operation, mobility and European dimension in education

Fields of Action:

  • Cultural Exchange
  • Active Citizenship
  • Higher Education
  • Peace and Stability

General Activities that are organised throughout the year by AEGEE antennas:

  • Action Days – at the same time, all over Europe, AEGEE locals carry out various activities, which deal with one topic, e.g. Socrates Action Day, European Day of Languages, etc.
  • Case Study Trips – research trips aimed to increase the knowledge on a specific topic, such as democracy, youth issues, standards of living, etc, concerning specific areas.
  • Projects – every year, during a General Assembly (aka AGORA), AEGEE members decide on a Yearplan Topic – the thematic frame for projects involving the whole Network, e.g. “Youth & Globalisation” – 2003, “European Identity” – 2004, “Tolerance – Acceptance – Peace” – 2005 and “Take Control. Ways to Democracy in Europe” – 2006. Moreover, AEGEE organizes various conferences, seminars and smaller projects on Local and European level.
  • Summer Universities – unique international summer courses, successfully carried out by AEGEE already for 20 years! Every year, in around 100 places all over Europe, multicultural groups of 20-50 young people, enjoy together the wonders of cultural variety. They can focus on: art, history, languages, nature or sports.

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