Administration and Structure



As per our statute, the main structures of AEGEE – Valletta are the Local Agora (Annual General Meeting (AGM)), the Supervisory Board (SB), the Executive Board (EB), Local Working Groups and Subcommittees (Subcoms) in this order of precedence. Other sub-structures may be created according to the needs of the Executive Board by the Executive Board itself

There shall also be Commissions which monitor and evaluate the overall activities in their specific areas of competence, their role remaining of a consultative nature. The Executive Board can also refer to these Commissions for assistance.

Structure – no national level

In order to really promote international co-operation and avoid creating any physical or mental borders, AEGEE does not recognize any national level or national administration in its unique organizational structure, which is based on:

  • Local Level – Where people from the 260 AEGEE locals directly implement AEGEE aims in a way that serves best the needs of their local community.
  • European Level – Which gives the direction for all local activities and provides a platform for international co-operation in multicultural teams.

Members from local level can directly get involved in the European Working Groups, Project Teams and Commissions.



Meet the Board

Luke Pace – President

Hi guys, I’m Luke, and I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to AEGEE-Valletta.

Having been active in AEGEE for the past two years, of which I was already a board member for a year, I felt I could serve it best by staying on and taking the role of president of AEGEE-Valletta for the coming year.

Having graduated in Mechanical Engineering with Industrial and Materials Engineering last year, I am currently reading for a Masters in Science (Engineering) degree.

I have been active in other youth organisations for the past six years, and I look forward to being a service to you members as the European Students Forum!


Look out for what we have in store for you in the coming months 🙂



Anabelle Almerigo – Secretary General

Hey all! I joined AEGEE-Valletta 5 years ago and have been hooked ever since. This is my third year in the Executive Board and I am currently holding the position of Secretary General.


Last year I graduated in B.A.(Hons) Social Policy. I love travelling especially with AEGEE, as every time I meet different people form all over Europe and it never gets boring. Hope to see you guys in the near future!



Joanna Incorvaja – Public Relations and Marketing


Hello everyone!! My name is Joanna Incorvaja, I am most probably the youngest member in AEGEE Valletta and in the board. I’m in my 1st year at university studying European Studies with Contemporary Mediterranean studies. I occupy the role of PR and Marketing within the board. My main aim throughout this year is to expose AEGEE to other students by collaborating with other student organisations and by integrating AEGEE Valletta with the media. 


Andrea Fenech Adami – Human Resources

Hey all! Welcome to a new AEGEE-Valletta filled year! I am a newly graduate student, still yet to graduate in December having read a degree in Mathematics and Statsitics and Operations Research. I am determined to get the AEGEE-Valletta board closer to the local members, and I promise that I will do my utmost to do so.

I hope that my two years of AEGEE experience will be beneficial to all of AEGEE-Valletta as a whole, and will do my best to make AEGEE-Valletta grow as much as possible! Should you want to give any feedback whatsoever at any point in time, I’m your man!


Look out for my emails :P!


Alan Cini – Local Events


Hey guys! Greeting from Gozo! I received my first education at St Theresa Primary School and later at Ninu Cremona Lyceum College in Victoria.  I furthered my studies at Sir M’Ang Refalo Post Secondary School and the University of Middlesex, reading for a degree in IT and Networking.  Currently, I am currently employed as a NOC Engineer.

Since my childhood, I have been involved in various voluntary organizations and NGOs, especially on a local level. Amongst these, I have involved myself in Victoria Scout Group, AEGEE-Valletta, Aurora Band Club and participated in various European Union exchanges. I also play football in the 2nd division in Gozo.

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